How to make doll eyes with makeup: a trendy life hack

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How to make doll eyes with makeup. Source: freepik.com

Large, expressive and round eyes are the dream of many girls. They add depth to the look, make it more charming and doll-like.

Fortunately, this effect can be achieved not only with plastic surgery but also with makeup. Іnstyle tells you how to do it.

Doll makeup is a real art that allows you to emphasize the beauty of a woman, make them visually larger and more expressive. To round the eyes, you need to make all the lines soft, avoid corners, and blend everything well. Therefore, to ensure that all cosmetics are applied and stay on well, you should first prepare your eyelids.

Prepare your eyelids

Experts recommend starting any eye makeup with applying a primer to the eyelids. This will moisturize and smooth the skin, creating a smooth and soft base for the eyeshadow.

Lash line

Apply a dark eye pencil to the upper lash line so that there are no light spots between the lashes and blend to create a smoky effect. This will make your lashes visually thicker and will gradually open up your eyes.

The main thing is not to blend the pencil towards the cheekbones and do not go beyond the imaginary contour of the eye, so as not to stretch it.

Shaping a round eye

If you lighten your eyelids with neutral shadows, you can round your eyes even more. You can choose a champagne color or a light peach shade.

Finally, you can emphasize and round out the crease of the eye with soft, muted brown eyeshadow.

How to make doll eyes with makeup: a trendy life hack


This step will instantly enlarge your eyes. Just apply a beige eyeliner or pencil to the lower mucosa. This is the perfect way to round out even almond-shaped eyes.


If you have round eyes by themselves, you can simply emphasize your lower and upper lashes with mascara. However, if they are elongated, then you can use either false eyelashes or simply layer mascara until your eyes open as much as possible visually.

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