How to make any mascara perfect: a simple trick

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How to make any mascara perfect. Source: Created with the help of AI

Every woman dreams of beautiful, long, and fluffy eyelashes. However, finding a quality mascara that will help you achieve the desired result is not so easy.

There are many brands and types of cosmetics on store shelves, so it's almost impossible to quickly choose the one that's right for you. But The Sun has shared a life hack that will help you make any mascara perfect for you.

Probably every woman has a mascara that emphasizes the lashes in the best way possible, does not clump, and brings only pleasure from using it. Unfortunately, however, no cosmetic product lasts forever and will eventually run out or dry out.

In addition, it's not a given that your favorite mascara hasn't been discontinued or its price hasn't doubled, so you shouldn't become dependent on a brand and a specific cosmetic product to avoid disappointment later.

Fortunately, there is a life hack that will help you make sure that any mascara suits you perfectly. A universal trick that will allow you to get the desired effect when using even the cheapest product is not a dream, but a reality, so read on to find out what the secret is.

How to make any mascara perfect: a simple trick

The secret to the perfect mascara

In fact, most mascara formulas are exactly the same. It's the application brushes that make the difference.

So, if you have a mascara that satisfies you completely, then after it runs out or dries, don't throw away the brush, but continue using it with a new mascara. Even if it's the cheapest one in the store, you'll still get a good result.

However, it is better to rinse and disinfect the brush thoroughly before reusing it, as it can retain bacteria.

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