How to look younger with makeup: effective tricks

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Mature skin requires a change in some makeup products and approaches. Source: Created with the help of AI

Although there are many truly effective anti-aging products on the market today, makeup remains an equally convenient tool. It can be used to hide some of the features that appear over time and emphasize facial features.

Professional makeup artists have a whole bunch of tips on how to achieve a youthful look. OBOZ.UA reveals their secrets.


First, adjust your drinking regimen. Without a sufficient level of water in the body, the skin will look dull. Secondly, look for moisturizing ingredients in any makeup products - primers, foundations, concealers, blush, etc.


Always massage your face before applying makeup. You can buy gua sha scrapers and use them on your face to tighten its oval shape. It is better to spend 10 minutes on such care than on careful application of cosmetics.

Use it sparingly

Do not try to cover all wrinkles with a thick layer of foundation. Choose translucent products that will simply make age spots and unevenness less noticeable. This will be enough. And focus on evenness of application, not density of coverage.

Matte products

Formulas with glitter always emphasize skin texture, make wrinkles and enlarged pores more visible. Therefore, with age, it is better to give preference to matte products. Especially in areas such as the skin around the eyes. But don't forget to put a drop of highlighter in the inner corner to brighten up your eyes.

Lack of contouring

Applying face contouring and sculpting products with age only emphasizes the changes in the oval shape. Instead, focus on applying blush and bronzer to give your skin a healthy glow. Move the accents you make with these products a little higher - for example, from the apples of the cheeks to the cheekbone, which will give a tightened effect.

Be careful with setting powder

A thick layer of the product may not hide, but rather emphasize wrinkles on the face. Therefore, you need to use setting powder more carefully. Apply it where it is really needed, for example, in the area around the eyes.

Lighter shadows

There is no need to give up the smokey eye technique in eye makeup. Just switch to lighter shades of eyeshadow. You can also change the eyeliner from black to dark gray or brown.

Lip pencil

As you age, a lip pencil should become your daily companion. It will prevent lipstick from running into fine lines around the mouth. Choose a product that matches your lipstick or use the most natural shade for you, but don't skip this step.

Eyebrow makeup

Although full and well-defined eyebrows look great at any age, you need to be more careful with their design as you get older. Choose slightly lighter products and do not make the eyebrows the main focus. This approach will make the look too heavy.

The right shade of lipstick

If your favorite shade of lipstick is dark and bright, look for its lighter counterpart. Plum or brown tones can look harsh on mature skin. And vice versa - neutral tones and delicate pink shades will help you look younger.

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