How to look younger: 5 tricky makeup tricks

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These life hacks will help you create a rejuvenating makeup look for 40+ skin. Source: Created with the help of AI

Our skin changes with age, and it's normal – wrinkles begin to appear on the face and its oval changes. Accordingly, from the age of about 40, you need to adapt your skincare and your approach to makeup.

Professional makeup artists have in their arsenal several effective and easy-to-use techniques that will help restore a more youthful look to the face with the help of cosmetics. OBOZ.UA has collected the main tips.

Make your eyeliner softer

With age, a clear line of eyeliner begins to make the look more tired and emphasizes sagging skin and wrinkles in this area. Moreover, due to changes in skin texture, it becomes difficult to use liners. And an ordinary cotton swab can help you. With its help, you can not only apply eyeliner easily but also blend it well.

Take the tape and stick it to the edge of the eye at an angle to the tail of the eyebrow. Next, take your eyeshadow and choose the color you want to line your lower eyelid with. Put a little product on the stick and drag it to the area you marked with tape. Carefully remove the tape and enjoy the look of a smooth and smoky line.

Shift the emphasis to the cheekbone

On a young face, contouring looks best when done in the hollow under the cheekbone. With age, this technique gives the face a painful appearance and visually adds age. To increase the fullness of the cheeks, which is a sign of youth, start applying the contour higher on the cheekbones. This will create the effect of a more toned face.

Stop using concealer under the eyes

This is a fairly common mistake made by women over 40. At this age, it is better to avoid triangular application of concealer in the under-eye area. It does not hide dark circles but only emphasizes wrinkles in this area. To brighten the eyes, start applying concealer from the outer corner of the eye and diagonally upward to the hairline. This will add radiance to the look and visually tighten the eye area without drawing attention to the skin texture. It is also worth putting a little concealer under the eyebrow and in the hollows of the cheekbones to enhance the effect.

Apply eyeshadow vertically

As you age, the skin on your eyelids begins to sag and it becomes more difficult to apply eye shadow. Try changing the way you apply them, not stretching the color from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner, but moving the brush from top to bottom. This will help to apply the product evenly and highlight the eyes beautifully.

Try a new mascara color

Replacing your usual black mascara with brown or gray can be a good option for creating a natural everyday makeup look. A softer color will emphasize the texture of the skin in this area less. You don't have to give up black mascara altogether, but it's worth trying something new.

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