How to look great after 30: three makeup tips

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With age, the face of any person changes, and this is an inevitable process. Everyone faces the fact that the skin begins to lose elasticity, wrinkles appear, and the complexion becomes dull.

But this is not a reason for despair, because, with the help of makeup, you can turn your flaws into advantages. Bobbi Brown, founder of Jones Road Beauty, shared her best beauty tips for women over 30.

Mature women tend to wear makeup much better than younger people because they already know what suits them and what doesn't. However, there are universal tips that will improve the makeup of any beauty lover.


Moisturizing is the most important step in facial care, especially for mature women. To keep your skin looking fresher, remember to drink plenty of water and use a good quality moisturizer regularly. This will help smooth fine lines and wrinkles and prepare your face for makeup.


Some women think that glitter is only for young people, but this is not true.

Brown recommends that mature women should not neglect their glow and apply highlighter, shimmering blush, etc. not only to the face but also to the body. Pay special attention to the décolleté, as the glow will make the skin look fresh and hide age-related changes.

More red

Red will always be a classic and appropriate color in makeup. Do not be afraid to paint your lips with it, because it will instantly show the world how confident you are. Therefore, no matter how old you are, if you want to look flawless, add red to your makeup routine.

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