How to lighten eyebrows without dyeing them: a life hack for unusual makeup

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How to lighten your eyebrows without dyeing them. Source: Created with the help of AI

Makeup is not just a way to emphasize your features and hide flaws. With it, you can create any unique look and participate in fashion experiments.

Recently, we have seen the fashion of the 90s, in particular, bleached eyebrows, make a comeback. However, New Beauty says that you don't have to use hair dye to be in trend.

This life hack will also help women with too dark and thick eyebrows to lighten them and make their eyes look lighter and more open.

It's no secret that fashion is cyclical. In addition, modern young people are more creative, bold, and ready to experiment with their appearance, creating new and unusual looks. Therefore, sooner or later, highlighted eyebrows will be seen not only on avant-garde photo shoots and fashion catwalks.

How to lighten eyebrows without dyeing them: a life hack for unusual makeup

How to lighten eyebrows without paint

Bleached eyebrows help to emphasize eye makeup and allow you to really experiment with colors.

To achieve the desired result, you will need:

  • Eyebrow brush;
  • Concealer;
  • Eyebrow gel.

To make your eyebrows as invisible as possible, choose a concealer that matches your skin color. It should also have a creamy texture.

First, comb and separate the hairs with the help of an eyebrow gel. Then apply a little concealer to the brush and paint your eyebrows as if with mascara.

You can also tint your eyebrows with concealer with a makeup sponge after you fix them with gel.

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