How to keep your makeup looking long-lasting in the heat: three useful tips

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Three rules to keep your makeup looking its best in hot weather. Source: Created with the help of AI

In extreme heat, the key is to follow health recommendations: stay cool, drink water, avoid alcohol and physical activity. And also, to develop new daily habits, including in makeup, to keep it stable.

OBOZ.UA has collected tips from professional makeup artists on how to look great even on the hottest day. Here are three recommendations that will not let you down.

Skin care is the main thing

While skincare is essential all year round, it's even more important in the heat of the day. Perfectly cleansed and moisturized skin will be better prepared for applying cosmetics. And only on such skin will it stay on well.

Any cosmetic procedure should begin with proper cleansing using a product suitable for your skin type. Don't skip applying a serum or light cream to even out your complexion and smooth out enlarged pores.

When it's hot, you can put your skincare products in the fridge to enhance their effect and enjoy the feeling of coolness. You can also treat yourself to a morning and evening face wash with an ice cube. It will even be pleasant in the heat.

Choose light textures

Hot weather suggests lighter makeup, which allows the skin to breathe better and protects you from the effects of stickiness and shine. Therefore, it is best to choose light textures, such as BB and CC creams, to even out your skin tone. They will lie on the face in a light, penetrating layer and look natural. And don't forget to apply a little matting bronzing powder for a tanned complexion without shine.

It is better to change some products to waterproof ones. First of all, we are talking about mascaras and eyeliners. They will not crumble and run in the heat.

When the sun is baking hardest, a primer is necessary, as it helps to hide all kinds of imperfections, as well as fix the foundation and concealer. As for the lips, a simple gloss or moisturizing balm is indispensable during the day, and a matte, long-lasting lipstick is perfect for the evening.

Keep your cosmetics close at hand

While the two steps described above will save you a lot of hassle in hot weather, they can't guarantee flawless results all day long. To keep things under control, it's best to have a few essentials on hand that you can use at a moment's notice.

Pack a setting spray and face wipes in your bag. They will help you quickly remove the oily sheen and restore makeup's staying power. Also, mascara, powder, eyeliner, and the product you use to color your lips. If necessary, you can quickly return your image to perfect condition with this set.

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