How to keep lipstick off your teeth: two easy ways

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Lipstick stains on teeth can be a real disaster. Source: Created with the help of AI

Lipstick is not just a popular cosmetic product, but a real symbol of femininity and sexuality. But not if it gets on your teeth, as such stains can ruin a carefully designed makeup look.

Makeup artists have some life hacks to avoid such a trouble. OBOZ.UA asked them for their advice. Two of them turned out to be the most effective.

Why lipstick stains appear on teeth

To make makeup look holistic and harmonious, lipstick should cover the place where the lips close. Otherwise, an ugly stain will form on this spot. But this transition of the skin into the mucous membrane touches the teeth all the time during facial expressions or speaking. And so excess lipstick quickly ends up on the enamel. The bright colors of the product create extremely noticeable stains, and nude lipstick makes teeth look unhealthy.

Life hack with a napkin

To remove excess lipstick at the lip closure, a napkin will be very convenient. Put on your favorite lipstick, and then immediately take a napkin or paper towel and press it firmly between your lips. Excess product will be instantly absorbed into the paper and no stains will appear on your teeth. But apply the napkin gently so as not to wipe the lipstick off your mouth.

Life hack with your finger

If you don't have a napkin at hand, you can remove excess lipstick with your finger. Start by doing your makeup, and then insert your finger into your mouth and wrap it tightly around your lips. Pull your finger out without unclenching them. It will remove any lipstick that may have been left on your teeth. But don't forget to wash your hands thoroughly before using this life hack.

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