How to improve thin eyebrows: five ways to get rid of the problem

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Eyebrows effectively emphasize natural beauty and create harmonious accents on the face. The trend for thick and expressive eyebrows remains unchanged, so many people highlight them with cosmetics: eye shadows, pencils, and gels.

Around the age of 40, eyebrows begin to thin as men's testosterone levels decrease and women's estrogen levels decrease, which affects hair growth cycles and follicle structure. Experts told us how to improve thin eyebrows.

The main causes of natural thinning of the eyebrows include age-related changes, skin conditions, thyroid disease, pregnancy, nutritional deficiencies, autoimmune diseases, side effects of medications, trauma, and excessive plucking.

Options for dealing with the problem depend on the underlying cause. These include prescription procedures, semi-permanent makeup methods such as microblading and eyebrow lamination. A balanced diet will eliminate the deficiency of protein, zinc, biotin or iron, which are crucial for hair growth.

Tip 1

The easiest way is to choose a high-quality eyebrow pencil. Dermatologist Elizabeth Tanzi emphasized that thinning eyebrows can be a sign of diseases such as eczema, alopecia, or thyroid dysfunction, and a pencil will help to shape thin eyebrows. An ultra-thin tip with a thickness of no more than 0.8 mm will create micro-thin lines for a flawless natural look.

Tip 2

If the cause is excessive plucking, you can revitalize sparse areas with a brow serum. Over-plucking is a common grooming mistake, but it's also one of the most common causes of eyebrow hair loss.

"Over time, the plucked hair grows back, but after a while, the growth rate decreases slightly with each cycle," says New York hair restoration surgeon Carlos Wesley, MD.

Try a strengthening serum for eyebrow growth that contains peptides, proteins, and vitamins.

Tip 3

If the cause is a poor diet, thicken the existing hair with a tinted eyebrow wax.

Lack of vitamins A, B, D or E or iron deficiency can cause hair loss. In addition to a balanced diet, thickening or darkening individual hairs is a key step to improving the condition of your eyebrows.

Tip 4

If the cause is age-related, try microblading for a long-lasting effect. As you age, you may notice a change in the density of your eyebrows. A technique called microblading uses fine hair-like strokes to apply semi-permanent pigment to the skin.

Tip 5

Hereditary hair loss can shorten the time for eyebrow growth, causing a decrease in the number of follicles.

"FUE eyebrow transplantation involves moving hair follicles from a donor site, often the scalp, to the eyebrows. Once the grafts have healed, they grow like normal hair," explained hair restoration specialist Jeffrey Epstein.

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