How to highlight green eyes: this genius life hack will change your daily makeup

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Unexpectedly good results can be archieved not only with eyeshadow color. Source: Created with the help of AI

According to statistics, only about 2% of people in the world have green eyes. Therefore, they are not given as many makeup tips as blue- or brown-eyed people, although in fact, some beauty life hacks work better for them.

Thus, makeup artists say that one trick with mascara works unexpectedly well for green-eyed people. OBOZ.UA tells what exactly this trick is.

Last year, many bloggers on TikTok decided to try replacing their usual black mascara with burgundy. And this wine shade looked especially good on green-eyed people.

Yes, it can emphasize the unusual shade of brown eyes or make the usual everyday makeup softer and less dramatic. But it was with green eyes that burgundy mascara created the most impressive effect.

Unlike black, it does not create too much contrast with this eye color. At the same time, it combines with green even better than more common brown mascara.

If you apply the product in one layer even with a primer, you will not see a big difference from black, although it will still frame the eyes more softly. But if you apply burgundy mascara in several layers, the dark burgundy shade will appear, but it will look gentle and set off the green color of the iris well.

Make sure that the burgundy mascara brush separates your lashes well. The more fluffy they are, the better the unusual color will show.

Although burgundy may seem like a gloomy shade to an outsider, in fact, the soft, romantic effect of red wine-colored lashes is ideal for summer. You may even want to give up black mascara forever.

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