How to hide the effects of lack of sleep on your face quickly: life hacks

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Simple tricks to erase signs of fatigue after a sleepless night. Source: Created with the help of AI

One of the best ways to stay young and beautiful is to get a good night's sleep. But modern life doesn't always allow us to get enough sleep and, consequently, look fresh. And then makeup comes to the rescue.

Experienced makeup artists have some quick life hacks that will help remove puffiness and other signs of inadequate sleep. OBOZ.UA has collected some of the most effective tips. However, the main one is to return to regular quality rest as soon as possible.

Keep yourself hydrated

Lack of sleep automatically leads to dehydration of the skin. Therefore, after a sleepless night, it is important not to skip the moisturizing step during your morning routine. Choose gel textures and lightweight formulas that absorb quickly. Antioxidants in the cream will help repair damage at the cellular level, while hyaluronic acid and glycerin will help retain moisture in the tissues.

Take care of your glow

A poor night's sleep makes your skin look dull. Therefore, after a sleepless night, it is advised to use products with a light shimmering effect – from primers with a pearlescent effect to oils with a glowing effect.

Correct problem areas correctly

Correctly selected colors of concealers will help to hide the signs of lack of sleep. If you have a light to medium skin tone, use a peach shade for the under-eye area. Use a brightening concealer to cover dark circles. But do not apply this product directly to puffy areas – it will only increase the appearance of puffiness.

Take care of irritated eyes

After a sleepless night, your eyes may become red and watery. The best way to emphasize this problem is to apply a dark liner to the lower eyelid. Instead, to smooth out this effect, use a nude eyeliner on the water line. And don't forget a drop of highlighter in the inner corner of the eye for a radiant look.

Don't skip blush

A person who hasn't had enough sleep looks pale and exhausted. To look fresh and energized, don't forget to apply a little blush. Choose a shade that is as natural as possible so that it doesn't contrast too much with your skin tone. Prefer soft creamy textures that blend well. Also, reinforce this impression by using a lipstick of a suitable shade. This will support the overall image of a fresh and rested face.

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