How to hide peach fuzz on the face with makeup: an easy way

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With these tips, the peach fuzz on your face will almost disappear . Source: Created with the help of AI

Peach fuzz on a woman's face is quite normal and we usually don't even pay attention to it in everyday life. But when applying makeup, it can become more noticeable and prevent even application of foundation.

Many women practice shaving it off.. But this is not a very pleasant procedure, which, moreover, can result in skin injury. That's why makeup artists are constantly coming up with different tricks to make hair invisible without shaving or other removal procedures. Makeup artist Taylor Kratzer shared her very effective life hack with her TikTok subscribers.

To use her method, all you need is a setting spray and a makeup sponge. Start by doing your makeup the way you always do: applying foundation, concealer, and other decorative products. Next, use the spray all over your face and press it into your skin with a few touches of a clean sponge. This should stick peach fuzz together, press hairs down and make them invisible.

This life hack has an additional benefit. A setting spray will prevent your makeup from running or spoiling during the day.

However, not everyone likes to use the spray. For such cases, celebrity makeup artist Bobbi Brown offered her life hack back in 2011. She advised using cream products rather than powder and dry textures as skin foundations. Apply them in the direction of hair growth: they will become invisible and the skin will look like porcelain. In addition, you should use not a brush but a sponge. The brush bristles will loosen the hairs, and the sponge will press them against the skin.

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