How to get perfect fluffy eyebrows: expert advice

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Fluffy, well-groomed eyebrows are a trend that is not going to go out of style. It makes your face look more attractive, fresh, and natural, which is something you can't help but like.

However, to make your eyebrows look their best, you need to know some tricks. Some of them were shared by Vogue.

Eyebrows occupy a special place in the world of modern beauty. They emphasize our emotions and add character and expressiveness to our faces.

Overly plucked or overgrown eyebrows have long gone out of fashion. Gently combed, fluffy, natural, and relaxed ones are in trend these days.


If you have naturally thick eyebrows, you just need to lightly comb them with a brush and fix them with an eyebrow gel.

How to get perfect fluffy eyebrows: expert advice

Drawing hairs

If you lack density but dream of fluffy and sophisticated eyebrows, you can improve your situation with a sharp eyebrow pencil or liner. The main thing is that its color should match the color of your natural hair.

First, brush your eyebrows upwards and then fill in the gaps with strokes that look like hairs. Do not press the pencil or liner too hard.

You can also use pencils of two different shades - one in the color of your hair and the other a little lighter to add naturalness. Then fix the result with a clear gel.

Eyebrow care

We often forget that eyebrows are also prone to dryness, flaking, and acne, which can negatively affect their growth and condition. Therefore, always make sure to remove makeup before going to bed, use only high-quality and clean makeup tools and care products suitable for your skin type.

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