How to fix makeup after crying: life hacks for emotional women

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Emotions can take us by surprise, but it's not that hard to fix the consequences. Source: Created with the help of AI

Life throws up many reasons to cry – from grief and happiness, and you can burst into tears quite unexpectedly. At the same time, there is a risk that tears will ruin your carefully done makeup.

However, beauty experts assure you that you can regain your normal appearance with a few simple life hacks. OBOZ.UA has collected these tips. They will help you stay on top of your game even in the most emotional moments.

Let the tears dry completely

Do not start correcting your image before your tears are completely dry. Excess water will only dilute your makeup more and you will make mistakes instead of fixing the situation.

Get rid of the salt crust

The salt in your tears can form a crust on your eyelashes and skin. You need to remove it very carefully. It is better to brush the salt crystals off your cheeks with a fluffy brush and comb through your eyelashes with a disposable mascara brush.

Wipe off anything that has smudged

It is better to remove mascara and eyeshadow that has run off with a cotton swab. They will help you to accurately collect traces of products that have ended up in the wrong place. If necessary, slightly dampen the stick. But don't get it too wet, as you'll rub your makeup off even more.

Use concealer

To even out your complexion, apply your favorite concealer. But don't use the applicator that comes with the product. Instead, use a brush to lightly blend it into the under-eye area. Allow the concealer to dry slightly before blending it out with a flat puff or brush.

Set the result

When all traces of tears are removed, fix the result of your work. This can be done with setting powder or a special spray. If you prefer a liquid product, wait until it is completely dry before touching your face.

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