How to draw arrows if you have hooded eyes: life hacks for successful makeup

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Hooded eyes is not a reason to give up arrows. Source: Created with the help of AI

Hooded eyes is not an aesthetic problem in itself, no matter what anyone says. However, it can make it somewhat difficult to apply makeup. For example, to draw arrows.

Is this a reason to abandon this technique? Professional makeup artists say no. OBOZ.UA has collected their tips on how to draw arrows correctly if you have hooded eyes.

Use the right tools and products

A cream pencil will greatly simplify the application of eyeliner if you have hooded eyes. A liner with a fine brush will also be useful. The former will allow you to control the amount of product, and the latter will help you to shape the eyeliner.

Look straight ahead

If you have hooded eyes, you need to draw arrows with your eyes open and look straight into the mirror. This will help you pinpoint where the crease is and avoid applying the liner too deeply or smudging it. However, once you've formed the tail, you can close the eye and finish the line in the inner lid.

Less drama

Flirty, short arrows are better for hooded eyes. They will visually tighten this area and make the eye look more open. Dramatic long lashes add gloom and tiredness to the look. To form the right tail, draw a line with a pencil and then shape it with a beveled eye brush.

Point the arrow upwards

To camouflage and lift hooded eyes, make the angle of your arrows wider and point them upward. Let them look towards the tip of the eyebrow. The ideal angle is something close to 45 degrees. It will also be effective to apply a little shadow of the appropriate shade in this area. Blend them to create a light haze effect. This will make the eyelid area visually more lifted.

Try upper tinting

This technique is also called invisible eyeliner. Apply the product to the water line of the upper eyelid. This will make the shape of the eye more expressive and the eyelashes visually fluffier.

Experiment with 'flying' arrows

It is not necessary to draw an arrow on the lash line of the upper eyelid. You can draw it a little higher or even in the crease of the eyelid. Or you can draw a traditional arrow and then draw another one away from it but in the direction of the inner corner of the eye and slightly higher to create an acute angle. It is not necessary to fill in this gap.

Keep a cleanser at hand

This tip will help everyone who is just learning to draw arrows. They don't come out smoothly the first time, and you'll have to correct them constantly. Therefore, when drawing arrows, always keep cotton pads and eye makeup remover on hand. This way, you can correct any mistakes and make the lines smooth and sharp.

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