How to do the right men's makeup: the main secrets

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More and more men are thinking about improving their appearance with makeup. Source: Freepik

Over the past decade, the trend for men to spend more time on personal care has only intensified. And more and more young people are interested not only in how to take care of their skin and hair but also in experimenting with decorative cosmetics and makeup.

Only a few of them dare to make bold experiments with color, but many men are thinking about making themselves look fresher and better-groomed. OBOZ.UA has collected makeup artists' recommendations on how to do it right, taking into account the peculiarities of men's appearance.

How to choose cosmetics for men

An obstacle for many men who want to try using cosmetics is not knowing which products to use. Start by determining why you need makeup.

If you're a beginner and just want to improve your look a little bit or have a fresher, more rested face, you'll only need a few products. Experts recommend that men include an eyebrow pencil, concealer, and moisturizing foundation in their starter kit. Here's what you should look for when choosing products.


This parameter determines the level of makeup opacity. Products with a sheer and light coverage are easier to blend, and less visible on the skin, and if you make a slight mistake with the shade, it will not be so striking. You can choose the right shade by applying a drop of the product on the back of your hand or in the crook of your elbow. If you want to check the density of the coverage, draw a thick line on the skin with a black eyeliner pencil and cover it with foundation or concealer. Under a dense product, it will completely disappear, and a translucent product will only slightly cover it.


After application, the product may leave a matte finish or it may have a shine. This effect is called a finish. Matte finishes are more suitable for oily and combination skin, and shiny finishes are more suitable for dehydrated skin. Apply the product and wait 5 minutes, then look at it in daylight. This is how you determine its finish.


Face products usually differ in both depth and shade. Depth determines how light the tone is, and the undertone refers to where the color is on the warm-cool spectrum. In makeup, unlike paint, "warm" products usually have a yellowish undertone, and "cool" products have a pinkish undertone. "Neutral" products are somewhere in between. To determine whether you have a warm or cold appearance, look at the veins that appear from under the skin. If they are greenish, your appearance is most likely warm, and if they are blue or purple, your appearance is cold. If you see a mixture of these colors, a neutral range is more likely to suit you.

How to apply makeup for men

Start with the preparation. Begin by washing your face to remove all dirt and excess sebum – it will make your makeup flow faster. If you plan to cover the lower part of your face with the product, don't forget to shave. Finally, apply a moisturizer. It will help the makeup to spread evenly over the skin.

Hide imperfections. The simplest makeup application only hides all the features that you don't want to show. If you want to cover dark circles under your eyes with concealer, try to focus your application only on the areas that appear darker. Use a small amount of product and blend it thoroughly. If you are masking acne, apply a very small amount of high-coverage concealer directly to the problem area, blending with your fingers or a brush. Trying to neutralize redness over a larger area of the face? Use the green concealer sparingly on the reddest spots. The green color neutralizes redness. Then blend the concealer and apply foundation over it. Tinted moisturizers provide just a touch of color and even out the complexion and can be applied with your fingers or a brush.

Set. After you have covered your skin with foundation, set it with a powder that is specially designed for this task. Use a puff or a large fluffy brush for this purpose. Pick up a little product, and then shake off the excess - this way you won't overdo it.

Emphasize the best features. There are no clear rules at this stage. It all depends on what effect you want to achieve. But keep in mind a few nuances. Sharper eyebrows will help you look younger and more vigorous, as well as add definition to your facial features. To give your eyebrows a natural look, look for eyebrow pencils with ultra-fine tips that allow you to create hair-like strokes. Drawing a contour above the eyebrows, in the hollows of the cheekbones, and under the jaw can give your face a more masculine look. A small amount of blush concentrated more in the center and upper parts of the face will make your face look more rested. Transparent mascara will open your eyes and fix the hairs on your eyebrows.

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