How to do smoky eyes on mature skin: makeup tips

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There is no objective reason why women should abandon smoky eye makeup as they age. Source: Created with the help of AI

Some people say that mature women should gradually give up some makeup techniques. For example, stop doing smoky eyes as it only emphasizes age-related skin changes.

But professional makeup artists say that if this is your favorite style of eye makeup, you definitely don't need to give it up. However, it is worth adjusting some of the methods of its application. OBOZ.UA has collected some tips.

Indeed, after the age of 30, the skin begins to gradually lose its elasticity. The first noticeable changes appear around the age of 40. And these small "crow's feet" for some reason make many women avoid bolder styles of eye makeup. The classic smoky eye makeup is probably the most daring of all, and it is almost the first to be abandoned. And in vain. All you need to change with age is to start paying a little more attention to the eyelid creases and learn a few new techniques. But don't worry. They are not complicated.

All eyes on the eyelid crease

Regardless of your age, the color you use for smoky eyes can be anything: dark and light, neutral and bright, matte and shiny. But keep in mind that on mature skin, before you start choosing a color, you should first apply an eyeshadow primer to your eyelids. This will ensure more even coverage and perfect staying power.

When everything is ready, determine the exact position of the eyelid crease. On mature skin, it may be less pronounced. To make sure you get it right, relax your face and look straight into the mirror. Do not raise your eyebrows. Remember that your calm face is what people see. Once you have found the correct position of the crease, apply one or more layers of matte eyeshadow, slightly darker than your natural skin color, to shade it.

Determine the correct direction of the shading

As you age, the direction of your eyeshadow blending should change. If at a young age you can do it directly towards the temple, then over time you need to direct the conditional eye makeup line upwards. With age, the skin here begins to sag a little, which can cover the usual smoky eyes. And changing the direction will help to visually tighten this area.

Try to draw an arrow with eyeliner, directed from the outer corner of the eye, vertically upwards. Then, from the point of the pupil, when you look straight ahead, draw another line to the upper tip of that line at an angle of about 45 degrees. Fill the resulting triangle with dark eyeshadow. You will be amazed at how successful the result will be.

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