How to do quick makeup with one product: looks incredible

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Makeup with liquid lipstick creates a sun-kissed face. Source: Created with the help of AI

Summer is a time when makeup can be both especially bright and as simple as possible, giving the impression of a sun-kissed face. That's why makeup artists advise trying to do the whole makeup with one product.

This product is a liquid lipstick. Makeup artist Elie Luna shared on her TikTok how to use it correctly to create a "sunny" makeup. According to her, liquid lipstick can be used not only on lips, but also on cheeks and eyes to create a complete look. This life hack will greatly simplify your daily makeup application and allow you to save money on cosmetics.

First of all, choose the right shade of lipstick. It should be 1-2 shades darker than your natural lip color. For makeup, you will also need an eyeshadow brush and a thick, fluffy brush for applying foundation. As you can see, this life hack will be handy when traveling.

Start by applying a little lipstick to your eyelids. Draw a thicker line along the upper lash line and emphasize the lower lashes a little more delicately. Blend the lipstick well to create a smoky effect.

The cheekbones should be next. Apply the lipstick on the line where you usually apply your contouring. Blend the product thoroughly with a fluffy brush. This will give your face a natural blush and volume.

Finally, apply lipstick to your lips. You can cover them completely with the product, or you can make a contour, which you can then blend with the same brush that you used to draw the cheekbones.

Your blush summer makeup is ready. Finally, use your favorite mascara to emphasize your eyelashes.

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