How to do makeup that doesn't float in the heat: the secret of Chinese women

Yulia PoteriankoLady
Chinese actress taught a British woman how to use powder in the heat. Source: Created with the help of AI

A large part of China's territory is located in a warm and humid climate zone. Therefore, Chinese women are well-versed in how to create makeup that can withstand unfavorable conditions.

Their secret was discovered by an English teacher who worked with a Chinese actress and learned an interesting life hack from her. She shared her discovery on Reddit.

The user Emi_lgr shared a beauty life hack that allowed a Chinese movie star to look flawless in any circumstances. "She was on the set for hours under bright lights, and she didn't need anything but a light touch-up," the woman said in her post.

And the life hack she spied on her turned out to be extremely easy to do. The technique is to press the down jacket with a little powder to the skin as hard as possible.

Take a clean powder puff, put a little product on it, and press it into your skin. Then shake off the excess and repeat the procedure. Move step by step until your entire face is covered with powder using the same movements.

It does not matter what kind of product you use. Both loose-setting powder and compact makeup powder will work. Pressed well into the skin, it will fix the rest of the cosmetics and absorb moisture well.

But it's important to choose a powder that matches your skin tone. In this case, the makeup will look flawless both in daylight and in the camera lens.

The woman warned that this method of application may not be very pleasant. Therefore, it is probably not suitable for everyday use. But it will work perfectly for special occasions.

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