How to do makeup for different eye shapes: tips from professionals

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Different eye shapes require different approaches to makeup. Source: Created with the help of AI

You may have noticed that some women's eye makeup stays put all day long, while others quickly roll off, smudge, and lose their look. The key to the problem may lie in the structure of your eyes.

The effectiveness of using different products and application techniques depends on how deeply your eyes are set, their cut and eyelid features. OBOZ.UA has gathered expert advice on how to do makeup for your eyes depending on their shape.

Eyes with raised corners

Visually draw a horizontal line through the center of the pupil. If the inner corners are located on or below this line, and the outer corners are higher, you have eyes with raised corners. This shape is well suited to thin arrows that will emphasize this beautiful feature. You can also lightly color the lower lashes to make your eyes stand out even more.

Eyes with lowered corners

If you have the opposite situation - the outer corner of the eye is at a lower level - you have eyes with lowered corners. To balance this shape beautifully, apply light and nude shades to the inner part of the eyelid and darker tones to the outer edge.

Draw a deeper shadow along the lower lash line using a tight, tapered brush. When you bring this line to the outer corner, continue to lift and move towards the temple to create a soft, powdery upward looking arrow. Do a few test swatches to find the right length of tail that works best for you.

Round eyes

Look at yourself directly in the mirror. If you see a streak of white under the iris, then you have round eyes. You can safely paint the water line of the lower eyelid with dark eyeliner and it will not make your eyes look small. But choose a waterproof product so that it doesn't get wiped off during the day. Also, refrain from applying dark shadows in the crease of the eyelid, apply them only to the mobile part of the eyelid to create balance.

Hooded eyes

In this shape, the skin hangs slightly over the eyelid. It can cover the mobile part of the eyelid due to age-related changes, and this shape can also be caused by a massive brow bone, as well as a large depth of the fold. Thin arrows under the overhanging eyelids are completely invisible and can also smudge due to contact with the skin. So don't be shy and make them thicker and more expressive. Also, use mascara on your eyelashes generously. This makeup will open the eye wider and make the look more expressive.

Almond-shaped eyes

If you look directly at yourself in the mirror and do not see the whites of your eyes above or below the iris because they are slightly covered by the eyelids, it means that your eyes are almond-shaped. This is the most versatile shape that can be emphasized in many different ways. Almost any eyeliner technique will suit you. Classic makeup with a light inner corner and a darkened outer corner, cat eye, or sharp arrows: you can choose anything. However, do not forget to draw the eyelashes properly to create a complete look.

Asian eyes

Asians have an atypically long upper eyelid crease that forms the so-called epicanthus. The upper eyelid under it remains almost completely invisible. Therefore, the main emphasis with this eye structure should be on the eyelashes. Curl them, use mascara for extreme volume, and paint the water line of the upper eyelid. To apply eyeshadow correctly, start with a primer that will provide a smooth and stable base for it. Then apply the reflective eyeshadow to the eyelid, starting along the lash line, sweeping in vertical strokes to enhance the color. And do not deny yourself a beautiful shimmer.

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