How to do inverted cat eye makeup: simple instructions

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This creative makeup look will make your look more rebellious, and it won't be that hard to pull off. Source: Created with the help of AI

Cat eye makeup is one of the most popular techniques that never goes out of style. But if you are confident using an eyeliner, try to update it by turning it upside down.

Makeup artists say that such makeup will help create an expressive rebellious look, even if the rest of its elements are much more restrained. OBOZ.UA tells you how to create it.

How to make an inverted cat eye

The main emphasis in this makeup is on the lower eyelid. So, this area should have no dark circles and pronounced shadows. "The inverted cat eye will only emphasize these problems.

It is also important to complement this technique with expressive graphic eyebrows. They will help to balance the image and visually enlarge the eyes.

It is better to paint the rest of the face in neutral natural colors. Bright accents on the lips or cheeks will argue with the eye makeup, which will give the impression of excess. Although for an evening out, this option may be quite appropriate.

Step 1: preparation

First of all, apply concealer to the skin around the eyes to remove unevenness in tone and primer to help makeup stay in place better. In addition, this preparation will ensure an even skin texture, which means better coverage.

Step 2: highlighting the lash line

Since the main emphasis of the "inverted cat eye" is on the lower eyelid, you will need to apply the liner here both on the water line and under the lower lashes. But at the same time, you will need to highlight the upper eyelid as well. It should be emphasized with a thin stroke, which should be slightly shaded for a dramatic effect.

Step 3: creating a shape

To shape your makeup, take a softer-textured eyeliner pencil. Lightly trace the lower lash line with it, and then blend the product with a small brush. A universal option is to draw a wing on the lower eyelid, slightly protruding its end from the outer corner, and at the same time lift this edge up. In fact, the makeup should be a mirror image of the traditional cat eye. Adjust the thickness of the line to your liking. A thin cotton swab will help to remove excess.

Step 4: applying powder

Once you have created the perfect shape, apply a little translucent powder on top of your makeup. It will hold the makeup in place and at the same time enhance the smoky effect.

Step 5: enhance the dramatic effect

Since the inverted cat eye is always a drama, it is worth completing this makeup with a liner. Highlight the lower lash line with liquid eyeliner to create depth in the look. A richer arrow will make the look even more glamorous.

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