How to do fully waterproof makeup: main tips

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Modern cosmetic products make it possible to create truly long-lasting makeup that doesn't peel off or smudge and resists moisture. But to create a truly waterproof makeup, you need to not only use the right products but also apply them properly.

Professional makeup artists claim that a well-made look will withstand rain, heat, and gym workouts. OBOZ.UA has collected their tips on how to create such a makeup and not worry about it even on the busiest day.

Don't skip primer

Primer does not just prepare the skin for applying cosmetics. It creates a smooth base for makeup, helping it to stay on your face better and longer. Choose a silicone-based product if you want to create a barrier between the skin and pigments that can withstand water.

Give preference to waterproof formulas

In the heat, when the skin sweats and releases moisture on its own, waterproof mascara, eyeliner, and foundation will not smudge. They will also withstand exposure to water from the environment. If you know you'll be wearing makeup in high humidity, choose these products.

Layer products properly

To increase the longevity of your makeup, layer your makeup products properly. Start with a lightweight foundation or tinted moisturizer and use it as a base. And then apply setting powder to fix it. This application helps to create a barrier that protects makeup from water and ensures its durability.

Choose liquid lipsticks with a matte finish

It is very difficult to preserve the color of the lips because they are constantly in motion and often touch something: dishes while eating and drinking or other people's lips while kissing. The most long-lasting lipstick formula is a liquid one with a matte finish. This product provides an intense color that does not break down even when exposed to water. You won't have to touch up constantly. But take care to moisturize your lips beforehand because this product can make them feel dry.

Buy makeup blotting paper

Of course, you can fix your makeup with a cotton swab, a napkin, or even your finger, but the most effective solution for such cases is a special blotting paper. It absorbs moisture and grease without affecting makeup products. So keep a pack of these wipes at hand at all times if you know your makeup might run.

Use a setting spray

After you're done applying your makeup, set it with a special spray. Spray the product all over your face and do not touch it until it is completely dry. After that, your look will be additionally protected from various external influences: from touching hands to heat and water.

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