How to do eye makeup like the stars: tips for applying eyeshadow

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Eyeshadow adds expressiveness to the look and can visually enlarge the eyes. However, it's not enough to just apply a certain color – the right technique is crucial.

The color, texture (matte or shimmering), and application technique should be chosen depending on the shape of your eyes, facial features, and age-related skin characteristics. Experts tell us how to apply eye shadow correctly.

A set of brushes

Use at least two (and preferably more) makeup brushes. One brush is irrational and uneconomical: you have to wash it between each color and choose between precision and flawless blending.

A synthetic brush with short hair is suitable for applying the color to the eyelids, as it picks up the maximum product, and a fluffy round brush is ideal for blending.

The order of application

Makeup artists advise applying eyeshadow before foundation and concealer. Small pigmented particles can shed on the skin, so you will have to constantly wipe the area under the eyes with a napkin, which can ruin the previously applied makeup.

Preparatory stage

It's always important to prepare the eye area before applying eyeshadow to prevent the product from rolling off, create richer colors, and increase makeup longevity.

Laura Shepherd, makeup artist at Cosmetics à la Carte, advises not to use products containing oils, but instead apply a primer first. If you have very oily eyelids, you can lightly sprinkle the skin with translucent powder after the primer.

From light to dark

The color of the pigments depends on the natural skin tone, eye and hair color, and facial features. Makeup artist Anna Lingis from W7 Cosmetics emphasized that applying eyeshadow from light to dark shades will give you more control over shading.

It is better to apply a light shade to the entire eyelid, and a small amount of darker pigment to the outer crease, and blend thoroughly.

Bright shades

Bright pigments are best applied to the central part of the eyelid or even along the lower lash line. To enhance the shade, you can add a drop of water. Just spray a little water on the brush before applying the eyeshadow.

Finishing touch

Concealer and concealer will help to brighten the area under the eyes and make the look even more intense and expressive. Makeup artists advise applying concealer from the inner corner of the eyes to the beginning of the eyebrow, saying that it helps to emphasize the shape of the eyes.

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