How to do eye makeup after 50: tips from professionals

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Makeup is an area for self-expression. However, it's worth remembering that some products that were appropriate when you were 30 may lose their relevance at a more mature age. It's important to choose your daily skincare and makeup routine based on your skin's needs.

Eyeliner, mascara, and eye shadow are an indispensable standard for any eye makeup. These products help to create an expressive, intense look. Professional makeup artists told us how to do it after 50 years.

Apply eyeliner to the upper eyelid only

It is better to apply eyeliner only on the upper eyelid, following a minimalist approach.

"Eyeliner instantly opens your eyes and lifts them up, and this is especially true for women over 50," explains makeup artist Mandie Brice.

By drawing a wide line on the upper and lower eyelid, you can visually add age to your face. The look will be tired and heavy. Makeup artists recommend emphasizing the radiance with a highlighter. A light touch on the outer two-thirds of the eye from above only, will create an incredible effect. You can also add a shiny dot of highlighter to the inner corner of the eye.

Try the "Wiggle & Lift" mascara application technique

As it turned out, creating the illusion of an eyelid lift using mascara only is as easy as applying the standard mascara coctailing technique. You just need to look down and apply mascara as close to the lash line as possible.

You should also make sure that you choose the mascara with the right brush. For the best finish, you should use a narrow brush with a lengthening effect.

How to do eye makeup after 50: tips from professionals

Use contouring

While contouring is usually associated with emphasizing the cheekbones, it's important to note that the same principle can be applied to enhancing the appearance of the eyes.

"Simply put, the contouring trick means creating the illusion of depth. With the right product and the right brush, you can create a dramatic and sophisticated look very quickly and easily," said beauty expert Kerrin Jackson.

How to do eye makeup after 50: tips from professionals

Be careful with eyeshadows

You should be careful with eyeshadow as it can often create make your eyes look hooded and fall into wrinkles. Makeup artists advise using a shade that is slightly darker than your natural skin color.

Recently, this method has been popularized by celebrities and taken to the extreme through social media. However, applying the eyeshadow in a subtle, thorough and natural way can really help create the illusion of 'lift' and depth on your eyelids, adding a so-called lifting effect.

Try nude palettes as well, but don't apply them too close to the brow line. Apply the darkest shade to the lower eyelid just below the lashes and blend thoroughly with a makeup brush.

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