How to do basic makeup: life hacks for beginners

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You can learn how to do basic makeup even if you have no experience at all. Source: Created with the help of AI

It's never too late to start getting interested in makeup, beauty experts say. But you should always start this journey with a basic makeup look – it's suitable for most situations and not too complicated to do.

If you want to quickly master basic makeup, you should learn about a few life hacks that will help you quickly figure out the right products and how to apply them. OBOZ.UA tells you more.

Blush as an ideal product for different purposes

Put cream blush in your cosmetic bag, because it will help not only refresh your face but also make up your eyes and lips and not make a mistake with the selection of shades. You can use blush to draw colored arrows on your eyelids and use it instead of lipstick.

Scotch tape if you are not good at drawing straight lines

Often, beginners worry that they won't be able to draw straight arrows or eyebrows. Cosmetic tape can help. Cut about 3 cm of tape. Glue it to the eyelid at the angle you want to get the arrow. Apply eyeliner along the line of the tape. Carefully remove the tape. You can also use tape to form the perfect eyebrow. And even help yourself in the design of the lips.

Concealer for the right eyebrows

Use concealer to cover up any loose hairs and keep your brows looking great all day long. Use a brush or your finger to apply a light layer of concealer under the brow and blend it out. This makeup life hack will also help you to easily form the arch you want and highlight it more clearly.

Eyelash serum for a bright look

Thicker eyelashes and eyebrows will make any look more successful. Even if you don't wear makeup at all. That's why an eyelash serum that helps to care for the hairs will come in handy. When choosing a product, pay attention to whether it is suitable for both eyebrows and eyelashes at once, or whether you need to buy two separate serums. Over time, such products make the hairs in this area longer and they begin to grow thicker.

Mascara as a base for basic makeup

Sometimes it's enough to apply a little mascara to your lashes to significantly improve your appearance. Choose depending on the effect you want to achieve – increase in length or volume, curl or separate. If you have watery eyes or humid weather, consider a waterproof mascara. But in this case, take care of the mascara remover as well.

Eyebrow pencil for better results

Among the many products for eyebrow makeup, a pencil is the most versatile choice. Choose the product that best suits your natural color type. Sharpen the stylus well and draw the missing hairs for a perfect arch shape. All that remains is to fix the eyebrows with a transparent gel.

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