How to deal with wet hair after gym workout: some life hacks

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Summer is on its way, and new fitness goals with it. Working out in the gym is quite an exhausting routine. Everyone would like to be one of those women who can finish a workout with a gently flushed face and go about their business right away. But excessive sweating can also cause problems with your hairstyle.

Expert Rachelle Cruz from RF Hair Studio and renowned hairstylist Greg Gilmore told us how to tame damp hair after a workout. You don't have to adjust your gym schedule because with the perfect hairstyle, you'll always look attractive and fresh.

Tips for straight hair

Experts recommend trying a low, smoothly combed bun. All you need to do after your workout is to comb your hair thoroughly.

Apply a strong hold mousse evenly from root to tip. Mousse will work better than gel because its light airy texture dries quickly and does not create a greasy effect. After that, use a flat, dense natural bristle brush to comb your hair into a ponytail and make a bun. The final touch is to secure the hair with bobby pins.

Tips for wavy hair

For those with wavy hair, a high, voluminous ponytail is ideal. Cruz advises wearing a wide headband during training, which will prevent strands from falling on the face and forehead and retain moisture. When you are nearing the end of your workout or are in the cool-down phase, remove the headband and loosen the ponytail to start the drying process before you finish your workout.

"Without disturbing the curls too much, massage your scalp on the hairline and around the hairline, gently moving your fingertips over the scalp. You can also try dry shampoo. "After that, spritz the ends with a refreshing curl spray and emphasize your hair by making curls around your finger as if it were a curling iron," Cruz advised.

Once your curls look fresh, gently gather the strands into a high ponytail using a thin silk elastic, but don't tie it too tight. You can also let the curls loose for a more playful look.

Tips for very curly hair

Hairdressers advise those with bouncy curls to let their hair down whenever possible during training. Since this type of hair "resists" gravity, it should not accumulate a lot of sweat in the middle.

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