How to cut your own curtain bangs: instructions

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Curtain bangs are a constant trend that will add a special charm and attractiveness. If hairdressers often fail to meet your expectations, you can take no chances and make the desired haircut yourself.

It's actually a very simple technique. Experts told us how to cut the perfect curtain bangs at home.

Step 1

First of all, choose the style of your bangs: they can be elongated, straight, or light and carefree, with uneven strands and interesting accents.

How to cut your own curtain bangs: instructions

Start by parting your hair using the clips. Vary the thickness until you're satisfied that it works for you.

"The last part of the hair should be triangular from the crown to the temples," advises Brixton Cowie, a hairstylist at the leading London salon Neil Moodie Studio.

Step 2

Shorter bangs can draw attention to the eyes and cheekbones, while longer hair will create a romantic framing effect. You should also take care of the care – short bangs need more frequent washing.

How to cut your own curtain bangs: instructions

"Hair should be cut into partings, so starting at the bottom, closest to the forehead, flip the center partings up and cut to the desired length," explains Cowie.

Step 3

Working outward from each side, cut the hair at an angle, towards the chin, to make it longer than the middle part. Brixton recommends a spot cut (a technique where the scissors are perpendicular to the hair shaft) to create softer edges.

How to cut your own curtain bangs: instructions

"Now lower the next section and use the bottom hair as a guide for your cut. Repeat until you're done cutting all the hair in the triangular part you originally created," the hairdresser summarized.

Please note: if you cut wet hair after it dries, it will "jump" by 1-2 cm.

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