How to cover scars with makeup: simple tips

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They say that the only inevitable things in life are death and taxes, but makeup lovers will add a third item to this list – scars. They are formed due to wounds and inflammation, burns, and medical procedures and can be a serious cause for concern, especially if they appear on the face.

There is nothing wrong with scars as such. They are a healthy reaction of the skin to damage and are a sign that it has successfully dealt with the problem. Sometimes scars can even be a source of pride. But if you are worried about such a formation on your face, OBOZ.UA will tell you what experts advise to cover it with makeup.

First of all, keep in mind that using makeup to disguise scars requires a slightly different technique than dealing with other nuances, such as dark circles under the eyes or acne. In particular, applying a thick layer of concealer will not work. Because the scar is three-dimensional, this approach will only make it more visible. So, here's what you need to do to hide this nuance.

Make sure your skin is moisturized

Any type of makeup will go on better and last longer if applied to moisturized skin. So start by applying a moisturizer to your face and letting it absorb.

Don't skip applying primer

Primers can be very helpful in improving skin smoothness. It is the smoothness that is disturbed by the presence of a scar. Choose a product that suits your skin type and always apply it before you put on makeup.

Apply foundation before concealer

A gently applied layer of foundation will help even out skin tone, and scars often have slightly different colors. But don't try to apply the product thickly. A translucent finish will be optimal. Only then apply concealer. You may notice that with this application, you need less product to achieve the desired effect. And less cosmetics helps to hide skin features better, although it seems paradoxical at first.

Don't forget about setting

Makeup is the first to come off from the bulging areas of the face. And most scars are just above the skin. Therefore, always finish your makeup with a setting product – a spray or powder.

Consider the type of your scar

Scars come in different types and shapes. Depending on this, you need to choose cosmetic products and methods of their application.

Convex scar. Usually, such formations are smooth and have a certain shine. To hide it, you will need matting formulas of products. They not only counteract shine but also have a slightly drier texture and adhere better to the skin. If the convex scar is not discolored, you will not need additional or special products. Just apply a little foundation and concealer and blend them well.

Deep scar. These often occur at the site of deep skin inflammation. If the tissue at the site of the injury has atrophied, a filler primer will help you. It can also help to apply a small amount of concealer, slightly lighter than your skin tone, to the deepest point of the scar. This will make it appear less sunken. It is best to apply the product with a thin eyeshadow brush.

Colored scar. Dark spots are often the result of inflammation. They are best concealed with a high-coverage concealer. To enhance its effect, try applying a little translucent powder before and after applying the product.

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