How to choose perfect foundation: expert tips

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To find the perfect foundation, you need to know your skin's needs. Source: Created with the help of AI

Foundation is a basic makeup product for a reason. Without it, it's hard to imagine a complete look that hides all the flaws and emphasizes all the advantages.

But for many people, the process of finding the perfect foundation seems difficult and incomprehensible, and the likelihood of making a mistake is very high. Therefore, OBOZ.UA has collected professional advice on what to look for in order to find the perfect product.

Determine your skin type and main problems

It is impossible to choose the perfect foundation without knowing your skin. Consult a doctor to determine exactly whether your skin is oily, dry, or combination, and what problems it is prone to: it can be acne, rosacea, eczema, melasma, etc. Think about what exactly you need from the product and make sure that the foundation meets your needs as much as possible. For example, one foundation may cover up redness but have a comedogenic formula, which means it can cause breakouts if you have acne-prone skin.

Identify your skin tone

Determining whether your skin tone is warm, cool, or neutral is the key to choosing the foundation color that will work best for your skin. And this is a really difficult task. Start by looking at other areas of your body. If your chest and shoulders tend to turn pink or reddish, you probably have a cool color type. And if it's a golden, peachy, or yellow hue, you have a warm color type. If none of the colors associated with the shades stand out, then your range is neutral.

You can use this knowledge not only to choose a foundation but also to correct specific problems. For example, if you have redness, yellowish foundations can compensate for it. If you have noticeable dark circles under your eyes with a blue or purple tint, note that products with a peach or golden hue can reduce the appearance of the problem.

Find the right tone

You may need to test several foundations to find the one that best suits your skin tone. And no matter how sophisticated online color matching palettes are, the best results can only be achieved by visiting a cosmetics store in person to try the products for yourself. Be sure to blend the foundation completely and see the result in natural light.

Choose the right product formula

Choosing the right formula (e.g. liquid, powder, or cream) depends on your complexion, skin condition, and desired finish. Unless you're going for a particularly matte look, it's usually best to start with a liquid or creamy texture. But keep in mind that the oil in the product will make it less stable if you have oily or combination skin or in the heat. While powder (or mineral) foundations are suitable for oily skin, they will not be great for dry skin.

When it comes to liquid and cream foundations, oil-free formulas are a good option if you have sensitive, breakout-prone skin. If you have combination or dry skin, you can use oil in your foundation. It will moisturize and even rejuvenate your skin.

Consider your coverage needs

Ask yourself how much you want your natural skin texture to be visible after applying your foundation. If you only want the result to look like a slightly enhanced version of your skin, choose a lightweight translucent foundation or even a good tinted moisturizer. For those looking for a stronger coverage, it is better to take a medium-density formula for everyday use. Full coverage is needed only for special moments. In everyday life, it is too noticeable.

Buy samples

You may like the foundation you have now, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try other options. To do this, choose samples in small packages for one or more applications. Cosmetics technology is improving every day, and someone may have already created your dream cream that you're hesitant to try for some reason. This approach will be the most budget and environmentally friendly.

Improve your application method

It's not just about choosing the right color and foundation formula. The way your foundation looks depends on how you apply it. Make sure that your application method matches your desired result. Use a brush for thicker coverage, your fingers for better control, and a damp sponge to avoid over-application. You can alternate between them depending on your needs.

Customize your foundation

Despite the fact that foundations come in a variety of shades and formulas, we can still improve them by customizing them to suit our personal needs. Try mixing your foundation with other products to change the shade slightly. If you need to make it darker, add a drop of blush or bronzer, and a concealer or primer will lighten it. As for the texture, a moisturizer will help.

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