How to change your makeup according to your age: tricks from professionals

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As you age, it's a good idea to change your makeup a little to adapt to natural changes in your appearance. For example, makeup artists recommend paying more attention to moisturizing and not hesitating to add a little more color.

But makeup life hacks for mature women don't end there. OBOZ.UA has collected tips for different areas of the face that will help you create a more spectacular look.


Mature skin is more prone to dehydration, loss of elasticity, pigmentation, and dark spots. To restore radiance and maintain elasticity, swap out your full-coverage foundation for one with care. Look for liquid formulas that provide sheer to medium coverage with a soft glow. Apply the product sparingly or only to the areas where you really need it. If you don't need your makeup to last for several hours, stick to moisturizer. A healthy glow will be given to your face by skin oil.

Concealing imperfections

A good concealer will help mask dark spots, erase under-eye circles, and brighten your complexion. The trick is to find a product with a formula that melts on the skin and therefore does not gather into creases and wrinkles. If you use a powder, apply it with a fluffy brush, not a puff, for a light and radiant effect.


Whichever technique you prefer, be sure to apply a primer before applying your eyeshadow. It will help smooth the skin and create a neutral base for the pigmented product. As for the eyeshadow itself, matte and satin textures are less likely to emphasize lines on the skin. But avoid ultra-matte textures, as they can add age.

Instead, try experimenting with shimmery eyeshadows. Add a little shine to the inner corner of the eye or apply a little shimmer product over your eyeliner to create an eye-catching accent. For a softer look, replace the black liner with brown or gray.


Use a cream blush to create a healthy complexion. The soft, shiny texture is easy to blend and does not require additional highlighter. The blush should visually "lift" the cheeks, so choose warmer colors to give yourself a glow and apply them not on the apples of the cheeks, but on the highest point of the cheekbone.


There are many colors and textures of lipsticks, and you will definitely find something just for you. If you like matte or highly pigmented lipsticks, remember to moisturize your lips before applying them to prevent them from flaking off. To avoid lipstick spreading, before using it, apply a pencil of the same shade or a little lighter to create a barrier behind which the product will not come out.

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