How to change the shape of your face with blush: a simple life hack

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Blush can correct any facial features. Source: Created with the help of AI

Usually, we use a makeup product such as a sculptor to reshape our face. But beauty bloggers say that blush will do the trick just fine.

Blogger and professional makeup artist @elenarachitskaya gave a master class on how to do it right for her TikTok subscribers. She showed five ways to apply blush that will help you visually change the shape of your face in the way you want. It all depends on where you apply the product.


To make your face look longer, apply blush to the cheekbone, almost under the eye. When you blend the product, you'll see the effect of narrowing and lengthening immediately.


If your goal is to make your face look rounder, then go a little lower. Apply the blush on the apples of the cheeks, i.e. just below the cheekbone.

Emphasize the cheekbones

For those who want to emphasize the expressiveness of the cheekbones, it is not necessary to replenish their cosmetic bag with a separate sculptor or bronzer. Apply a little blush to the hollow under the cheekbone.

Add volume

If you want to make your cheeks look fuller, take a blush and draw four square-shaped dots under the hollow of the cheekbone. Blend everything well and admire the result. "I have no idea how this life hack works," the makeup artist admitted but demonstrated the impressive effect of the technique. It also softens the jawline.


By the way, bronzer is not the only product that can give your face a sun-kissed look. Apply your favorite blush under the eyes and on the bridge of the nose – the places that tan first. Your look will instantly become fresher.

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