How to blow-dry your hair at home so as not to damage it: tips from professionals

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Successful blow-drying always adds a touch of style chic to an outfit, but it's not always possible to do it at home. However, experts say that innovations in technology and modern styling products can help you look flawless.

OBOZ.UA collected tips from professional hairdressers. According to them, anyone can cope with blow-drying. Here are the techniques that will help with this.

Take the right tools

To create high-quality styling, you need the right set of tools. Here are the must-haves.

  • Detangling brush. Use it to comb through damp hair to minimize breakage.
  • Styling brush. You will use it to shape your hairstyle.
  • Thermal protection. This can be a spray or serum that protects your hair from the effects of hot tools.
  • Leave-in conditioner for textured hair.
  • Hair clips. They will help you to separate the strands better.
  • Hair dryer with a concentrator nozzle. This nozzle helps focus the airflow where you want it.
  • Hairspray and/or other styling products.

How to prepare your hair for blow-drying

Different hair types require different preparations for blow-drying. But in any case, you will have to wait until it is at least 50-80% dry after washing. This will help minimize the effects of hot air. Curly or gray hair, which is thicker in structure, can be dried a little less as it needs more careful styling.

Before you start working with a hair dryer, apply thermal protection to the strands. It is needed regardless of hair type. Thin hair will need a volumizing product, while curly hair may benefit from a spray with a straightening effect. If you want to preserve the curls, treat your hair with a leave-in structure conditioner. In general, it is easiest to blow-dry textured hair while it is still damp before curls begin to form.

Regardless of your hair type, make sure to gently detangle any knots before spreading the heat protection evenly. Then divide the hair into sections and secure each strand with clips.

How to blow-dry your hair

Round brushes are great for creating volume and waves, while larger flat tools will help you achieve a smoother effect in less time.

Once you've parted your hair, go through it with the concentrator nozzle from root to tip. Move over the same part until it is dry and smooth. Blow over the strands with medium temperature air and finish each strand with a cool jet of air to close the cuticles and secure them.

It's also helpful to have a diffuser attachment if you want to maintain and enhance the structure of your curls instead of straightening them with a blow dryer.

Is it possible to style my hair without styling products that will make it stiff?

Yes. Modern styling products do not create a hard, cracking shell on the hair. Apply the varnish with a comb. Spray it on the teeth and run them through the hair. Then the varnish will not create any stiffness and will be distributed evenly.

If you want to get extra hold at the roots, spray a little product on your fingers and blow it right next to your scalp. This allows you to apply hairspray in a targeted manner and create a more natural result.

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