How to apply SPF under makeup: expert tips

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How to apply SPF under makeup. Source: Created with the help of AI

It's no secret that ultraviolet radiation is not only harmful but also accelerates skin aging. That's why you need to use sunscreen regularly.

In spring and summer, SPF becomes an incredibly relevant product, but some women neglect it because they think it will interfere with makeup application. However, makeup artist Neil Scibelli said that it's not the sunscreen that makes makeup adhere poorly to the skin, but the way it's applied.

Today, every woman who cares about her appearance probably knows the importance of protecting her skin from the sun. Manufacturers of makeup are taking advantage of this, so they have started adding SPF to almost all products.

However, the presence of SPF in the foundation will not fully protect you, so applying a high-quality and strong sunscreen under makeup should be your permanent habit.

How to apply SPF under makeup: expert tips

Hyaluronic acid

Many people do not use sunscreen regularly because they are afraid that it will make their cosmetics stick to the skin, slide off and form creases or peel off.

Scibelli recommends using hyaluronic acid in your skincare routine to forget about this problem forever. It attracts moisture from the air, retains it, and allows makeup to stay on better, stay dry, and look flawless.

How to apply SPF under makeup: expert tips

Texture of the cream

If your foundation, concealer, and other cosmetics don't adhere well to sunscreen, try using a moisturizing SPF. They tend to be lighter in texture and absorb better into the skin.

Wait until the sunscreen is completely dry before applying makeup.

Also, Scibelli recommends giving preference to transparent mineral sunscreens if you do soft daily makeup and light, oil-free formulas if you want to get a matte finish.

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