How to apply foundation properly: makeup artist rates popular life hacks

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Makeup artist rates popular makeup life hacks. Source: freepik.com

Foundation evens out skin tone, conceals imperfections, and provides the foundation for an incredible look. It is a classic cosmetic product that no makeup look can be complete without.

With this in mind, it's not surprising that beauty lovers are trying to improve the product and the way it's applied, but not all life hacks are really worthwhile. To save you from wasting time on experiments, famous makeup artist Shadi Malek shared her thoughts on some of them.

Applying powder before foundation

This life hack suggests changing the usual order of applying cosmetics. According to this tip, to get a flawless finish, you should first moisturize your skin, then apply a translucent powder, spray it with a setting spray, apply a primer, and only then use foundation.

However, Malek says that even though it looks good online, it's unlikely that this method will be as effective in real life. Therefore, the makeup artist does not recommend using this life hack.

Applying foundation with your fingers

The essence of the life hack is that we are offered to use just our fingers instead of brushes and sponges for makeup. That is, literally applying foundation like a moisturizer.

Malek said that this method works, but it is rather unhygienic, so she usually chooses a clean, high-quality brush. However, if you are more comfortable applying the foundation with your hands, wash or disinfect them well first.

Applying setting spray before powder

Setting spray has long been used as a means to improve makeup durability. However, many influencers say that it is the humidity of this product, on the contrary, that can distort your appearance and mess with the foundation. That's why the life hack of setting the fixing spray with powder appeared.

According to Malek, this is a really effective method. She uses this life hack herself and receives a lot of compliments on her skin's appearance.

Mixing foundation with water

On social media, beauty experimenters have claimed that if you add water to your foundation before applying it, you can get a long-lasting, radiant, moisturized finish without excess oil.

Although Malek tried this technique and liked the results, she can't recommend it. According to her, too much dirt remains after using the life hack, and a similar result can be obtained with better cosmetics.

Mixing foundation with powder

If you need to get a dense coverage, it is recommended to mix the foundation with powder before applying.

However, Malek said that this life hack doesn't actually work. She tried to use it, but the mixture began to peel off quickly.

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