How to apply concealer like a professional makeup artist: expert tips

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Concealer is an absolutely indispensable product in the bag of any makeup lover. But are you applying it correctly?

Makeup artists say that in order to avoid such problems as the product drying out on the skin, peeling off and smudging, it is enough to learn the main secrets of concealer application. OBOZ.UA tells you more about these secrets.

Start with cleansing

For the concealer to adhere flawlessly to the skin, it must be clean and fresh. Do not forget about regular exfoliation: this way you get rid of dead skin cells that clog pores and prevent makeup from going on smoothly. And never skip the moisturizing step.

Don't ignore primer

There's nothing worse than a perfect night out and then realizing that your makeup has started to peel off right after you leave the house. To ensure that your concealer lasts for hours, you need to apply a primer underneath. It will make the skin smoother and the foundation layer more even, thin, and long-lasting.

Apply a base

Before applying concealer, it is important to even out your complexion. To do this, use a small amount of foundation or CC/BB cream. This way you will clearly see the areas where concealer is really necessary and limit the product to a minimum. A small life hack. In your cosmetic bag, you should have two shades of the product: one to match your skin tone to eliminate problems and the second one a few shades lighter to accentuate your makeup.

Brighten the under-eye area in one of two ways

To create a light and radiant look, you need to lighten the under-eye area. You can do this in one of two proven ways. The first is used when there are not many problems. Apply a drop of concealer to the inner and outer corners of the eye and blend it well. If necessary, add a little more product.

If you need a thicker makeup or if you need to mask really significant differences in tone, draw two inverted triangles under your eyes and fill them with product. Then blend it well with a brush, sponge, or fingers. But try not to stretch the concealer too much to avoid a messy look.

Apply concealer on problem areas

To conceal pimples and dark spots, use a full-coverage concealer that doesn't smudge or peel off throughout the day. It should be applied on problem areas and under the foundation, not over it. If necessary, you can apply another layer of light concealer on the prepared face.

Eliminate redness and don't forget your nose

Be sure to blend rather than drag concealer around the nose and over red spots. The best technique is to apply and blend it with your ring finger using light pats. Pay special attention to the folds around the nose. Then dip a damp makeup sponge into the loose powder and apply a thin layer on top to set.


Powder will not only set your makeup but also help prevent concealer from rolling off. Cover your entire face with a light veil of translucent powder, and then apply a setting spray on top. It will give your makeup extra durability and give your skin a fresh glow.

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