How to apply concealer for a perfectly smooth finish: the sandwich method

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How to apply concealer correctly. Source: Created with the help of AI

Concealer is a versatile product. It helps to conceal skin imperfections, mask dark circles under the eyes, even out skin tone, and smooth out wrinkles.

In their daily makeup routine, many people often apply concealer first, then concealer and foundation, thus accumulating different cosmetics. Makeup artists have advised an interesting way of applying makeup called the "sandwich method".

With the sandwich method, you first apply a color-correcting concealer, then a foundation, and then one last touch of concealer. It takes a little practice to master this method, but with some deft product maneuvering and the right tools, you'll quickly become a makeup expert.

Whether you want to cover up a pimple or redness on your face, the first step you need to take is to correct the color.

How to apply concealer for a perfectly smooth finish: the sandwich method

Makeup artist Vincent Ford said that the main technique is to mix the color corrector with concealer to solve any skin tone problems first.

  • If you need to hide more redness, choose a green or mint-colored concealer.
  • Purple areas can be neutralized with a yellow concealer.
  • For medium skin tones, choose a peach-based concealer.

After choosing the right color corrector for your skin tone, mix it with concealer and apply it gently with a brush. When adding the foundation, do not rub it in, just press it lightly.

Usually, a setting spray is the last step in applying makeup, but makeup artists advise trying a different technique. After the spray has dried, gently apply a small amount of concealer and powder to the pimple or redness to create the illusion of smoothing and even out the tone.

Makeup artist Daniela Araujo also used the reverse method but with a simpler technique. First, she applied translucent powder and circled the pimple with concealer. Then she mixed concealer with a pointed brush, and finally applied powder.

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