How to apply bright lipstick properly: step-by-step instructions

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If you were worried that you wouldn't be able to handle a bright lipstick, then these tips are definitely for you. Source: Created with the help of AI

Bright lipstick makes any makeup look perfect. But, unlike nude lipstick, it does not forgive mistakes in application.

That's why many women don't dare to try to create a look with a juicy lip color, but they should. Makeup artists say that it is not so difficult to cope with bright lipstick. It is important to create the right lip contour and prepare the skin. OBOZ.UA tells you more about the secrets of professionals.

Exfoliate and moisturize

Like all facial skin, lips need care. However, products for this area should be especially delicate. Gentle exfoliation and regular moisturizing will make the skin smooth and lipstick will adhere without spots, dry patches, or visible flaking.

Use the power of the pencil

The contour drawn with a pencil will prevent the lipstick from spreading. All makeup lovers know this rule. But if you use it to draw the entire surface of your lips, the lipstick applied over it will become much more durable. You can also use the pencil to correct the contour after applying the lipstick, which is very convenient and easily makes your makeup more accurate.

Work on the shape of your lips

If you have thin lips, use a pencil in a natural shade to draw the contour, minimally going beyond the natural lines. This will give them extra volume. Start by outlining the Cupid's Arch on the upper lip and emphasize the lower lip below it. But never draw the corners, it will not look good. After that, fill in the space with color.

If you have fuller lips, use a medium to dark lip pencil and a lipstick that is slightly deeper in tone than your natural color. Don't go beyond the natural line, it will look sloppy. And remember that a darker color will help to visually reduce the lips, while lighter colors will make them look larger.

Apply lipstick from the center to the edges

When applying lipstick, make the first stroke in the middle of the lip and gradually move to the edges. This way you can better control the application and avoid mistakes.

If you have trouble applying the lipstick symmetrically on both sides of the center, try drawing an "X" on the Cupid's arch with a lip pencil. This will serve as a guide to ensure that both sides are balanced.

Use brushes

All you really need for a flawless lipstick application is a sharp lip pencil and a lipstick with a fine tip. However, some people find it more convenient to apply the product with a brush. And it does provide a more precise and even application. Also, keep a concealer and a flat brush at hand to help you smooth out the line if you make a mistake.

Blot the excess

Once you're done applying lipstick and it's slightly dry, blot off the excess with a tissue. Do this by gently squeezing the paper with your lips. Don't forget to clean the corners. Finally, use a translucent powder to set the lipstick.

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