How to apply bright lipstick: a way that will change your makeup

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Choosing the perfect lipstick is a difficult and responsible task. First of all, makeup artists advise you to determine your skin tone: it can be warm, neutral, or cold. Owners of fair skin can experiment: from delicate pink shades to rich crimson, while olive tone is ideally combined with orange or coral lipstick.

It is also important to apply the product correctly on the lips so that the pigment does not spread and does not start to roll into small wrinkles. Experts told us how to apply bright lipstick to get a neat makeup look.

Makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes shared an effective life hack on how to use lipstick correctly.

Hughes explained that the usual way of using lipstick, i.e., swiping the flat part of it across the lips, makes makeup look uneven and bulky. The pigment can go beyond the natural lip line, but this will not lead to a visual increase in their size but will create the effect of untidiness.

The makeup artist advises to start makeup by coloring the lip with careful movements. And the pointed end of the lipstick can be used as an eyeliner for contouring. Your favorite pencil will also come in handy.

You can blend the contour a little with a cotton swab, moving from the edge to the center, and makeup artists often use tint or matte lipstick on top of the pencil. Take a little on your brush or finger and apply it to your lips with light movements. Glitter will be inappropriate in this makeup.

OBOZ.UA also said that lips tend to get smaller with age. Nude pastel shades will help to visually fill them out - they will make the lips look more plump.

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