How to always look young: simple makeup life hacks

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Makeup is supposed to be our friend, making our face look fresher and more radiant, but it can also be our enemy if you don't take care of your skin properly and choose the wrong products. Regular mistakes can lead to sagging skin, more visible wrinkles, and sunken eyes.

However, makeup and skincare experts know how to build your beauty strategy to look younger all the time. Your makeup needs to work for you, and here's what you need to do to make sure it never lets you down. Even on days when you don't feel like wearing makeup at all.

Start by exfoliating

As we get older, we need to pay more and more attention to exfoliating dead cells, because the skin will renew itself more slowly. This, in turn, makes it drier, more textured, and dull. In addition, skin with a large number of dead cells has a worse adhesion of makeup products - they slide off and flake off.

However, keep in mind that exfoliation should be done with mild products. It should not be a hard abrasive or aggressive chemical. They can damage the skin's protective barrier. Prefer products with mild acids and enzyme powders and use them strictly according to the instructions.

Choose your care wisely

The easiest way to choose the right facial care is to consult a competent beautician. But if you take care of yourself, be sure to pay attention to serums and face oils. They help to quickly solve many problems. Focus on the needs of your skin - moisturizing, matting, whitening, anti-aging, etc.

Don't forget about primer

Makeup looks best on prepared skin. That's why you need a primer. Choose products with a moisturizing effect. They will take the best care of your skin. Niacinamide and hyaluronic acid are always good ingredients in primers.

Switch to a liquid foundation

The golden rule of makeup artists is that a liquid or creamy foundation is better than powder or matte products. A liquid formula will not clog the skin's relief and emphasize lines on it. Even a product with a light coverage will be very effective in a liquid formula.

Pay attention to cream blush

For a more toned look, try switching to a cream blush that blends well. They will help create a fresher, more youthful look and visually make your cheeks look fuller.

Go for creamy textures

In general, the creamy texture rule applies to almost all cosmetics. For example, a creamy concealer will not start to slide off your face within a few hours of application.

Before buying a product with a new formula, always test it on the back of your hand. This will also help you choose a more successful and complimentary shade for you.

Don't forget about lipstick durability

Lipstick that spreads can treacherously emphasize fine lines around the lips, especially if you prefer contrasting colors. A satin product with a creamy texture that resembles a balm will help to avoid this. Such lipstick will provide excellent durability and moisturize the skin of the lips. And, of course, do not forget to create a contour with a pencil. It will prevent the lipstick from spreading.

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