How to add colored accents to makeup: 5 tips

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Learning to work with color in makeup is easy. Start with simple techniques and your creativity will blossom. Source: Created with the help of AI

Makeup in natural colors is always a safe choice. But what if you've been wanting to learn how to add color to your looks for a long time but didn't know where to start?

Professional makeup artists say that the first tests can be started not with creating a completely colored look but with individual accents. OBOZ.UA found out how to do it without mistakes.

Dark lips

If you're used to nude lipstick, try starting your makeup transformation with a darker shade of the product. Since light gothic looks are trending right now, you'll have a trendy look. Choose a lipstick in the color of rotten cherries or ripe plums. But in this case, do not emphasize the eyes. Limit yourself to applying mascara.

Going beyond

If you occasionally use colored eyeshadow to accentuate your eyes, try going bolder. Go beyond the moving eyelid: apply the shadow right under the eyebrow. Or use it instead of blush (or blush instead of eyeshadow). Liquid lipstick can also be used not only for lip makeup but also for cheeks and eyes.

Color block

Try the color block technique. Apply a single bright color and avoid any other accents on your face. To do this, you will need to even out your skin color with foundation, but do not use blush or active contouring. Just use bright eyeshadow or lipstick of an unusual color. Let them play a solo in your makeup.

Change black

Black is an absolute classic for highlighting the eyes. But it can be replaced with any other dark shade. Try brown, wine, charcoal gray, or navy blue eyeliner and watch your entire look completely transform. The same trick can be done with mascara.

Goodbye, eyebrows

This is a rather radical transformation that not everyone will dare to do, but now the trend is to bleach your eyebrows. This trick completely changes the whole look and even your color type. And it can be done quite safely. You don't have to shave off your eyebrows or bleach them to transparency. You can simply apply a foundation with the densest possible coverage. If it's too radical, just wash off the tone and everything will return to normal by itself.

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