How to achieve an even complexion: the perfect foundation substitute has been named

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CC cream will change the way you think about foundation products. Source: Created with the help of AI

The perfect complexion is a prerequisite for high-quality makeup, even if you prefer invisible makeup. But achieving a coverage that turns into a second skin seems difficult.

However, makeup artists say that it's not that difficult if you have a jar of good moisturizer. OBOZ.UA has collected their professional tips.

Tip one: moisturizer and foundation are not different products

Overdoing it with moisturizer is not a problem. Just give it time to absorb and your skin will look even better. But when it comes to foundation, the rules change. Traditional foundations can be drying, so makeup artists recommend trying a CC cream that contains a significant proportion of moisturizing ingredients. This product easily applies in a thinner and more even layer.

When choosing a CC cream, apply a drop on the back of your hand to ensure the shade and undertone match your skin. Let the product warm up with your body heat and observe how it interacts with the surface texture. If possible, walk around with the coating for a while to see how it behaves in everyday use. Only if you are satisfied with everything, buy the chosen product.

Tip two: tinting should be a moisturizing step

Choose a CC cream for yourself so that it takes into account the characteristics of your skin and meets its needs. If you have generally drier skin, make sure that the formula of the foundation provides moisturization at the time of application and then helps to retain moisture in the skin. Only then will your face look its best and your skin have the perfect texture. And don't forget about UV protection. If your foundation doesn't contain SPF, apply it separately, but never skip it.

Rule three: less is more

When applying CC cream to your face, try to use as little product as possible. Only a well-blended cream will provide a truly even and high-quality coverage. A layer that is too thick will dry out, roll-off, and crack. If you need to cover some noticeable spots, it is better to apply a thin layer of concealer on it.

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