How long is mascara good for: the benchmark date has been named

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Every cosmetic has an expiration date, so you shouldn't neglect this indicator. And it's not just a matter of changing the structure and thickness, which makes the application less convenient than before. Expired products can cause health problems.

Mascara is an integral part of makeup, as it visually makes your eyes look bigger and your gaze more expressive. However, it is not enough to pay attention to the expiration date. Mirror experts told us how long you can use mascara.

Rachel Divers, a professional makeup artist, emphasized that it is important to observe changes in the texture and smell of the formula to determine whether you need to buy a new product. The benchmark is usually three months.

Mascara can dry out over time, become thick, clump, and even flake. Moreover, an old tube may contain bacteria, for example, if you have recently had an eye infection.

Decorative cosmetics and skin care products have expiration dates that are denoted by the abbreviation PAO, which means "period after opening". For example, a foundation may have an 18-month expiration date, which means that if it is stored properly, it can be used for quite a long time.

Makeup artists also urge you to never share your mascara, as this can lead to the spread of bacteria and eye infections.

If you're looking for ways to keep your mascara fresh for longer, make sure the lid is always tightly closed – this preserves the formula and prevents it from drying out quickly.

Also, you should never go to bed without washing off your mascara, as this can cause damage to your lashes and irritation to your eyes as the product stratifies and migrates into your eyes during sleep.

Cosmetics slowly degrade over time, even if they are stored properly. The shelf life depends not only on the ingredients and preservatives in the product but also on the quality of the packaging. A sign of an expired product is when your skin suddenly starts to itch after application-especially if you haven't experienced any side effects before.

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