Forget creases under the eyes: the ingenious way to apply powder

Yulia PoteriankoLady
When used correctly, the powder erases wrinkles under the eyes and makes them invisible. Source: Created with the help of AI

The skin under the eyes is extremely thin and sensitive. Even from the slightest lack of sleep or drinking habits, it becomes covered with fine lines and wrinkles and darkens, and the problem only becomes more pronounced with age.

It will not be possible to hide the grid of lines with a thick layer of foundation it will make the image too heavy and only aggravate the situation, because the tone will slide into the recesses. But a life-saving life hack was found on social media. The advice was shared by beauty blogger Kristen Dominic.

The life hack involves only two simple steps. To perform this technique, you only need a small fluffy brush and loose-setting powder.

Step 1

Take any makeup brush, even a used one, and place the handle horizontally on the lower eyelid under the lashes. Make sure the handle is rounded at the end to avoid injury.

Step 2

Very gently lift the eyelid to slightly stretch the skin in the area. Take a little powder on a clean, fluffy brush, shake off the excess, and apply the product on the skin with light patting movements.

The translucent powder will fill in all wrinkles and make them less visible. But keep in mind that if you stretch the skin too much, the life hack will work the other way around – it will aggravate wrinkles. In addition, you will accelerate the natural sagging of this area. Therefore, all movements should be careful and very light.

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