Finding the perfect blush color is very easy: a tried-and-true makeup hack will help

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How to choose the perfect blush color. Source: Created with the help of AI

Makeup techniques that emphasize natural beauty are currently in trend. The era of clear contouring is a thing of the past. The emphasis has shifted to naturalness and sophistication. Blush is the best way to create a delicate makeup and add radiance to the skin.

Blush trends are reminiscent of the trends that prevailed in the 90s. Experts told us how to choose the perfect color that will emphasize the oval of the face.

Famous makeup artist Emily Gray emphasized that the best technique would be to choose a blush of several shades. The era of the late 80s and 90s required bright accents on the cheeks.

"Now we apply the concept of 'less is more'. The trend involves mixing two or more shades of blush to create a favorable color instead of applying several layers of the same tone," Gray said.

If you want to match your blush to your skin tone, mix two shades to achieve the perfect combination. Makeup artist Daniel Martin said that the best way to choose a blush shade is to compare it to your lips.

"Check the blush on your cheeks to see if the tone matches your natural lip color or lipstick. If the blush is too bright or vice versa, you should choose a different shade for pale skin," Martin advised.

For fair skin, it's better to use less blush so as not to create too sharp accents. You can start with light pink tones and mix them with darker, more intense shades to find the color that suits you.

For medium skin tones, makeup artists advise mixing different types of pink blush. "Medium skin tones tend to be more tanned: a combination of pink and peachy pink colors will look great on them,"makeup artist Cher Webb recommended.

And if you have dark skin, you can choose a red or berry shade. You can even try starting with a coral tone and then moving on to berry to balance the color a bit.

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