Festive summer makeup: what products to choose to make it last all day long

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Traditionally, summer is a season of celebrations: engagements and weddings, christenings, as well as other celebrations. People prefer to celebrate when it's warm outside and you can enjoy the weather. But at the same time, there is a need to create makeup that can withstand the heat and dancing in the open air and still look great in photos bathed in sunlight.

Makeup artists say that this is quite possible. So they gave some tips on how to achieve the desired effect. OBOZ.UA has collected their recommendations.

Ditch the foundation in favor of concealer

To ensure that your makeup is truly long-lasting, makeup artists recommend avoiding foundation and instead applying concealer in the places where it is really needed. Let the rest of the skin breathe freely. For sculpting, use cream bronzer and blush: they work best in warm weather when applied to freshly moisturized skin.

Create a tan effect

This life hack requires some courage because not everyone will dare to mix bronzer with blush. However, using this combination of products will create a soft "sun-kissed" effect and the illusion of a tan even if you carefully protect yourself from the sun.

Choose multifunctional products

To keep your makeup in order, you'll need to take some products with you to the holiday. If you don't want to lug around a whole makeup bag, choose products that can be used for different purposes. For example, a liquid lipstick that can be used for applying to lips, instead of blush, and sometimes even instead of eyeshadow. At the same time, it will help you to easily get a complete monochrome look, which is a very popular trend now.

Take care of the fixation

The heat and outdoor activities can quickly destroy your makeup, so its reliable fixation is the key to a flawless look. Therefore, before applying makeup, remember to use a primer, set products with a special powder, and make sure you have a setting spray at hand. Also, give preference to long-lasting lipsticks and waterproof mascara because there are often touching moments during the holidays that make us cry.

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