Facial skin will be flawless: dermatologist has named a washing rule that will change everything

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Proper cleansing will help make your skin flawless. Source: Created with the help of AI

Neither full-fledged self-care nor high-quality makeup is possible without proper facial cleansing. But how well do you wash your face?

Dr. Sharyn Idriss, a dermatologist from New York, shared her method of cleansing the face on her TikTok. She explained what three steps will help you change your skincare routine.

Don't skip evening cleansing

A lot of impurities accumulate on the skin during the day. Street dust, sebum, and other components are added to makeup products. And they need to be washed off before going to bed. "If you don't treat your face with the love and respect it deserves, no one else will. It's almost like buying an Aston Martin and not having it serviced," the expert described the lack of evening cleansing.

Do your evening wash properly

Dr. Idriss explained that you need to wash your face in the evening properly. If you have done full makeup, wash it off with the right products. Foam or gel alone will not be enough. Remove makeup with micellar water or an oil-based cleanser, and only then move on to a cleanser.

To make sure that you have cleaned your face well, the dermatologist recommends trying a white towel test. Wipe your face with it. If the cloth remains clean, you did everything right.

Don't wash your face in the morning

Water alone is enough to cleanse your face in the morning. There is no need to use cleansers, says Dr. Idriss. It can dry out the skin. The expert added that this advice is not relevant for some conditions, but such conditions are rare, and for most people, simply washing their face with water in the morning is enough.

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