Don't buy these cosmetics: makeup artist named products that are useless

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The beauty industry is full of cosmetics, and beauty experts are adding fuel to the fire. After watching popular videos on the web, you want to buy all the concealers, bronzers, highlighters, shimmers, batters, and creams that you didn't even need before watching the video.

If you have a limited budget and want to cut costs, you should think about whether you really need all these products. Professional makeup artist Elizabeth Marley told us which products are useless and are just a marketing ploy.

Eye cream

You may be surprised because, for many people, eye cream is the basis of their daily care. The expert explained that most of these eye products are expensive moisturizers in smaller containers.

"Unless you're looking for something special in terms of texture or want an active ingredient like caffeine for puffy eyes, I can guarantee that your regular moisturizers will work well on this area, and there's simply no need for new tubes," Marley said.

Makeup setting spray

The makeup artist had a rather radical opinion on makeup setting sprays.

"I have never found a more hyped product than setting sprays. Most people don't need them unless you're traveling in extreme weather conditions or extreme heat," Marley emphasized.

As a rule, makeup begins to break down within six to eight hours, and using a setting spray will only prevent you from touching up your makeup.

Foundations containing SPF

You shouldn't give up on a cream with an SPF level of more than 30. The product protects against the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays and is crucial for maintaining youthful skin. However, foundations with SPF can be misleading.

"SPF should not be the reason you buy a foundation. You should not spend more money on a foundation because it contains SPF. The amount of foundation you'll need to apply to get the proper SPF protection will be too much," the makeup artist emphasized.

It's better to buy a high-quality cream with a sufficient SPF level and use it as a makeup base.

Foundation with a 48-hour effect

Foundations that last 36-48 hours are a simple marketing ploy.

"Any foundation that claims to provide 36-48 hours of wear simply means that the formula is long-wearing. This means that the cream can also dry out the skin. But don't count on 24-48 hours. It's just marketing," Marley said.

Expensive mascara

Expensive mascaras are not worth the money. Most of the time, you pay for the brand, not the quality. If you have sensitive eyes, it is better to choose anti-allergenic pharmacy cosmetics. For other needs, ordinary mascaras from the mass market will do.

Day and night cream

Marley emphasizes that you unlikely need two different foundations – one for day and one for night.

"There's nothing wrong with having several foundations-they can have different textures and coverage levels. But by choosing a high-quality cream that meets your skin's needs, you can use it at any time of the day," Marley summarized.

Identifying the basic needs of the skin will help you make more informed decisions and stop impulsive purchases.

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