Contouring rules that will change your life: tips for mature skin

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Four contouring life hacks to help you easily create a more youthful look. Source: Created with the help of AI

Changes in certain facial features with age encourage us to master the art of contouring in makeup. With its help, you can visually tighten the oval even without invasive procedures.

Professional makeup artists recommend using four life hacks to improve face contouring after the age of 50. OBOZ.UA has collected these tips and tells you more about them.

Tighten the eye line with blush

With age, it is increasingly important to direct conventional lines in makeup upwards. In particular, this technique should be used in the eye area, because it attracts the most attention. Use a sculpting product to create an upward shadow up to the cheekbone. And don't forget to emphasize the eye area with blush. To do this, apply it not to the apples of the cheeks, but to the top of the cheekbone. Blend the product properly. This will create a lifting effect in this part of the face.

Make eyebrows more expressive

The eyebrow becomes less thick and pronounced over time. Therefore, it is important to highlight it with makeup. Raise the arch higher to open up the eye, and also shape the tail so that it is longer and more defined than the natural line. You can also make the tips of the arrows on the eyelids a little longer and point them higher up. This technique will visually lift an eyelid that is drooping over time.

Shade the eyelid crease

Another way to open up the eye is to shade the crease of the eyelid. To do this, use an eyeshadow that is a natural shade, but 2 shades darker than your skin tone. Blend the product well to create a natural shadow effect. And don't forget about the eyelashes. They should be voluminous and expressive. Give preference to mascaras with a filling effect. You can also extend several tufts of artificial eyelashes.

Try the three-point method of applying concealer

A properly lit face looks younger and more toned. The three-point concealer application method will help you easily cope with this task. Pick up the product on the brush and place it near the wing of the nose, directly under the inner corner of the eye, and next to the outer corner as well. The lower point should be shaded upwards, stretching it towards the two upper ones, and carefully highlight the area under the eye with concealer and stretch the outer point towards the temple. This application will fill the image with radiance and make the eye area look younger.

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