Be innocent and young: top 10 tricky ways to make your eyes look bigger

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How to make your eyes look bigger with makeup. Source: Created with the help of AI

Despite the fact that a person's inner world does not depend on their appearance, the first impression is always based on visual information. And as a rule, large, expressive eyes are always associated with youth, innocence, and beauty.

Some people have rather small eyes by nature, but this does not mean that they cannot be enlarged with makeup. Glam tells you how to do it.

Eyebrow shape

Straight eyebrows can make your eyes look smaller, while curved eyebrows can visually open your eyes and lift your upper eyelid. If you want to adjust their shape, first comb them upwards and then pluck out some hairs in the place where the eyebrow will curve.


Try applying eyeshadow in a way that emphasizes the crease of the eyelid and adds depth to it.

Be innocent and young: top 10 tricky ways to make your eyes look bigger

To do this, apply dark eyeshadow to the entire upper eyelid, and then wipe the area under the upper crease with a cotton swab and fill in with light shimmer eyeshadow. In this way, you can literally change the shape of your eyes and make them look bigger.

Inner corner of the eyes

Add shimmery or light eyeshadow to the inner corner of the eye. This will give your makeup a fresher look and make your eyes appear more open.

Lower lash line

Paint the lower lash line, namely the waterline, with a light eyeliner pencil. This will help to brighten and open the eyes, as it will create the illusion that their whites are larger than they actually are.

Be innocent and young: top 10 tricky ways to make your eyes look bigger


Mascara makes your lashes look thicker and longer. This automatically opens up your eyes and makes them look bigger.

If you have very short natural eyelashes, try using false eyelashes.


Eyes appear smaller if you have bags under them or suffer from puffiness in general. Use eye cream and concealer to get rid of the tired look.


If you want to visually enlarge your eyes, then arrows can both help and hinder you. Experts say that clear and rough lines can make the eyes look more closed. Therefore, use a brush or cotton swab to slightly blend the outline of the arrow and make your makeup smoky. This will help you achieve the desired result.

Eyelash curler clip

A lot of people have rather short or straight lashes. In addition, straight or overhanging eyelashes cast shadows and can make your eyes appear more tired and smaller.

Be innocent and young: top 10 tricky ways to make your eyes look bigger

Fortunately, this is easily fixed by using special eyelash curlers to curl them.

White eyeliner

Instead of the usual black or brown eyeliner, try using light colors, such as white. You will instantly see how your eyes visually open up and enlarge.

This method of makeup is especially effective for people with dark skin, but it will also work on those with fair skin. It is often used by theater artists to make their eyes and emotions more visible from the stage.

Brown eyeliner

To create smoky eyes, you can try using brown eyeliner instead of black. This will make your eyes look bigger because they will have a softer appearance.

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