Applying eyeshadows will become easier: how to highlight your eyes with makeup

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How to apply eyeshadows correctly. Source: freepik.com

Eye makeup can dramatically change your look. If you're into it, you probably know how important eyeshadows are.

That's why for many people, applying them can seem like a daunting task. Fortunately, Instyle has shared professional tips and tricks to help you master this art.

To learn how to apply eyeshadows correctly, you don't have to take a course or spend hours watching video tutorials online. Makeup artists Adam Breuchaud and Keanda Snagg will tell you everything you need to know about good eye makeup.


First, make sure you have everything you need for makeup. Choose eyeshadows you like, grab some mascara, buy a set of brushes, a good primer, and be ready to experiment.


Before applying makeup, make sure your skin and makeup brushes are clean. Also, don't forget to apply moisturizer and eye cream to your face.


To ensure that your eyeshadows last well and do not peel off, make sure to use a primer. This product will also make them appear more pigmented.

However, Snagg forgoes the primer and instead uses products such as cream blush and cream eyeshadows as a base for matte or shimmery eyeshadows.

Choose any method you prefer.

A neutral shade

Start with a neutral color. Apply it all over the eyelid with a flat brush, then use a slightly darker color to highlight the crease where the eyelid and brow bone meet.

Applying eyeshadows will become easier: how to highlight your eyes with makeup

Outer corners

Take a tapered brush and apply a color that is a few shades darker than your base color to the outer corner of the eye. Create a V-shape from the lash line to the outer part of the crease under the eye.

Do not apply a lot of eyeshadow at once to avoid smudging. Layer the product gradually.


Choose a shimmery eyeshadow from your color palette and apply it under the brow bone in the center of the lid.


Even though your eye makeup is made up of four different colors, it should look monochromatic. Blend all the borders well to get rid of sharp transitions.

Finally, finish your look with eyeliner and mascara.

If you want to do your makeup using bright colors, such as red, blue, pink, green, etc., please note that when mixed, they can produce shades you didn't expect to see. Therefore, give yourself time to experiment and understand how different shades are combined.

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